art and performance group 

collaboration of international artists and filmmakers

Häppi Töle is

an art- and performance group, founded by Johanna Aust and Anne Makarov in 2007,

consisting of six young female artists, filmmakers, illustrators and photographers.

Häppi Töle makes photo series, site specific and/or interactive live performances, video art and film.

Häppi Töle creates events between pleasure and pain, posing for the voyeur, at the same time observing him/her. 

Häppi Töle stays independent, representing the un - willing woman.

Stands up in the public in order to reflect upon the common image of woman.

Häppi Töle is a female movement, exposing themselves and addressing the viewer in a new direct way.

We don ́t act - we are!

häppi töle guests

Anna Szuszinski

Guergana Tzatchkov

Natasha Papadopoulou